Luminous Medina

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Luminous Medina Handmade Moroccan Ceiling Light - 7
Product details

Luminous Medina Radiant Moroccan Copper Ceiling Light, Exuding Mediterranean Charm.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Moroccan medinas with our Luminous Medina ceiling light, which embodies the magic and mystery of this fascinating land. Each piece of this luminaire is handcrafted by experienced artisans, capturing the vibrant energy and captivating light of bustling alleyways.

With its shimmering reflections and elegant design, the Luminous Medina brings a touch of Mediterranean charm to your interior, illuminating your space with its own captivating aura. Available exclusively at Style Ocre.



Handmade in Morocco




35 cm/13.7 inch in diameter


Moroccan traditional

3 reviews for Luminous Medina

  1. admin5954

    The lamp is very beautiful. I just picked it up from the post office last week. Our Post lady commented on the package being the best packaging she has ever seen coming internationally. Wonderful job getting the package to us safe and sound.

  2. admin5954

    This light fixture is absolutely gorgeous! We hung it in the entrance of our house. The light patterns it paints on the ceiling and surround walls are breathtaking. We and our guests really enjoy this unique fixture!

  3. admin5954

    Gorgeous craftsmanship and I’m in love with the shadows this pendant lamp creates on our ceiling and walls. It creates a gorgeous pattern in our bedroom. Thank you!!

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